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The UV Factor

In Europe where the UV factor is not prevalent, their uPVC powder formulation contains an ultra-violet inhibitor, Titanium Dioxide, of which only 2% is required for European conditions.  After several years of conducting stringent tests and experiments by the CSIR to overcome the harsh UV rays experienced in our country, it was established that the Titanium Dioxide requirement was 5%.  Therefore for added assurance, the quantity of Titanium Dioxide was increased was to 7%.

We are therefore confident that our product will endure all weather conditions for an indefinite period of time.  As a result, the user need not be concerned with warping, rotting, corroding, scraping and painting of the window frames.  The only maintenance required is the occasional wipe down of the frames and lubrication of the locks and stainless steel hinges.

We are using the same tested and approved multi-chambered as used in Germany.

Frame Construction and Wind Loading

The largest chamber of the frame is supported by galvanized steel or aluminium rectangular tubing, giving it rigidity.  The frames can accommodate glass thickness from 3mm to 20mm.  The frames are fusion welded, therefore ensuring that the chambers in the profile are sealed and remain completely separate to each other.

The galvanised steel / aluminium reinforcing is totally encapsulated in the chamber designed to hold it.  uPVC has a memory and therefore seals itself around any self-tapping screws that enter the profile.

As a result of this design, the window frame structure provides an excellent insulator for noise and temperature control, which is often needed for offices in noisy locations.

Furthermore, our windows are subjected to cyclonic and adverse weather conditions testing.  These conditions are simulated with winds of up to 240km per hour, driving rain and time and Ultra Violet acceleration.

Advantages of uPVC

  • Excellent insulator

  • Reduced air infiltration

  • Resists condensation

  • Easy to clean

  • Durability - No pitting, peeling, rotting, drying out, or corroding

  • Virtually maintenance free

  • Easy operation

  • Custom size of opening

  • Solid colour throughout

  • Never needs painting

  • Integral lift rails, interlocks and weatherstripping pockets