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Jorgensen uPVC in 'partnership' with Veka in Germany, the worldwide market leader of profiles, offers the latest in uPVC window and door systems, made from SABS certified material with a 10 year warranty.

With Jorgensen uPVC products, you will never have to worry about rust and rot again. uPVC window and door frames contain an ultra violet inhibitor, that is ideal for climates experiencing harsh UV rays, as well as those with heavy rainfalls and humidity.

uPVC window frames have been extensively used in Germany and the Scandanavian countries for more than 30 years with great success.  They were introduced to the United Kingdom in 1982 but received a cool reception by skeptics.  However, by 1984 uPVC started gaining acceptance and by 1986 controlled approximately 60% of the new window market. Today aluminium frames are nearly non-existent in the domestic market.  In the United States of America in 2002, there were 34,2 million uPVC windows sold compared to 5,5 million alumnium and 19,8 million wood.

We at Jorgensen uPVC are very optimistic about the future of our product judging by the acceptance of architects, developers, government bodies and of course, present sales.

The main advantages Jorgens uPVC Windows & Doors have to offer over other materials:-

  • It is not affected by contact with cement

  • The colour goes through the entire wall thickness of the material (2-3mm)

  • If it is scratched, the marks can be polished out with various grades of water paper

  • The corners are welded and not mechanically joined

  • It cannot corrode, even with direct contact with salt water

  • Double seals between the sash and the frame ensure the best noise and temperature control as well as excellent weatherproofing.

  • It has a 10-year warranty issued by the largest uPVC profile company in the world.

  • Glazing is done from inside on most systems, for extra security.

  • Our window and door profiles carry the following certification:-

SABS - RAL - BSI - SII - EN ISO 9001 - ISO 9002

We also offer frameless glass shower doors and balustrading.

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